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Ethiopian National Disability Action Network (ENDAN) is one of largest consortiums of CSOs having 25 organizations working on disability in Ethiopia. (See more on ENDAN’s members).In accordance with proclamation no.621/2009, enacted to regulate charities and societies in Ethiopia, ENDAN consists of three separate but interrelated tiers of a governance structure. These are the General Assembly (comprised of member organizations each, delegated by their respective managing director or relevant high profile personnel.), the Management Board (responsible to review and approve activity and financial plans and reports and the Secretariat is the responsible organ for the execution of the day -to-day activities and is accountable for the management board.

Our Formation

The idea of inception of the Ethiopian National Disability Action Network was originated in October 2002 meeting jointly organized by Ministry of Labor and Social Affair( MOLSA) and International Labour Organization(ILO) to discuss on the solution on how to fill the gap on exchange of information among the organizations working in the field of disability. During the discussion it was pointed out that organizations are working in a scattered manner and there is a need to have a coordinated effort for better reform in the area of disability.

In order to realize the need , an ad-hoc committee was created composed of 7members (Federation of Ethiopian National Associations of Persons with Disabilities, Community based rehabilitation network(CBR),CRDA, MOLSA, Tigray Development Veterans Association (TDVA),Ethiopian Women with Disabilities National Association and Civil Service Reform .) The Ad-hoc committee was given a responsibility to come up with one proposal on how to tackle the issue. In August 2003 the ad-hoc presented its outcome that qualifies the need to organize a Forum and thus ENDAN was formally established in June, 2004, by the name Ethiopian Disability Forum. ENDAN re-registered as Ethiopian Resident and Foreign Charities Consortium on 13February /2012 as per the charities and civil societies’ proclamation.



ENDAN, as a consortium of broad-based membership, aims at being a strong voice and facilitating agent through exchange of information and resources, capacity building, and networking and communications to benefit members and other concerned stakeholders.


To see member organizations empowered to design and implement their own programs in a better and coordinated manner and thereby to bring changes in their respective targeted communities.

Core Values

  • Non discrimination
  • Multi sectoral collaboration
  • Continuous learning
  • Accessibility
  • Transparency
  • Accountability