Address: Gulele Sub City, Adisu Gebeya – Jambo Building 3rd floor, Office Number 310

+251 118 68 1293


ENDAN and its members recruit eligible persons in our programs by giving priority to eligible persons with disabilities and women

Who is Eligible?

We recruit   experts with relevant field of expertise   who promote the inclusion of persons with disabilities

Open positions

There is no current open position

Internships and volunteer posts

Currently we offer fully unpaid volunteer and internship opportunities to graduates at different levels who are interested to pursue their career in the field of disabilities.  However, depending on availability of fund, the positions can be partially paid.

Open positions

Volunteer Posts

Position -Communication officer

Job type volunteers

Required Number –one

Qualification:-Diploma/Degree in communication, literature, preferably with good interest in resource mobilization activities, computer literate; able to devote at least 16hrs per week and cover all her/his expenses.

How to apply – interested applicant can send their CV with a cover letter through our e-mail with a copy to

Benefits: – No benefit including transportation cost is allocated for the post. The volunteer will cover all expenses she or he may incur.